Harrisburg the Beautiful

It is 10:21 AM, and Messiah College’s first Digital History class is now officially ending. During our final meeting time this morning, students have been busily working in groups on final projects. We’re releasing our content to the world now and concluding this first chapter of directing our energies toward a Digital Harrisburg. Here is … Continue reading Harrisburg the Beautiful

Reflecting on Digital History

As our City Beautiful project comes to a close, we reflect on the time we have spent on the project and what we have learned throughout the course. There have been ups and downs, but the course overall has been a great learning experience. Allow me to start off by saying this course was not … Continue reading Reflecting on Digital History

Looking Back

It is hard to believe that the school year is over. Most of us are one step closer to our bachelor’s degrees; some are obtaining them in a week. It was a wonderful experience being a part of Messiah College’s first digital history course. Not only did we make discoveries about the city of Harrisburg … Continue reading Looking Back

Digital History, an experiment.

I never wanted to take this class. I stood outside, as my last class ended at the end of the fall semester, talking to my fellow History majors in regards to this course. I squished and squirmed about the possibility that I could learn anything from taking a course titled "Digital History." "What kind of … Continue reading Digital History, an experiment.

Oh Harrisburg the Beautiful

As a North Carolinian, I never considered learning about the history of Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania. However, after enrolling in Digital History this semester, I have appreciated learning about the city of Harrisburg in the 20th Century. Despite our focus on Harrisburg in the late 19th Century and earliest 20th Century, we were able to … Continue reading Oh Harrisburg the Beautiful

Digital History Wrap Up

Messiah College offered its first Digital History class in the Spring of 2014. The digital history class was helpful not only with providing us particular computer skills, but it changed the way we as students think about the study of history. In the class, we focused on GIS, collecting data from census records, archiving and much … Continue reading Digital History Wrap Up

City Beautiful Projects

As other students have mentioned in their posts, our digital history class is coming to an end. This means that we are starting to finish up our City Beautiful projects, and as our class continues to put together their exhibits on Omeka.net, we are able to get a better look at Harrisburg during the late 19th to early … Continue reading City Beautiful Projects

Digital History as Public History

The school year is drawing to a close, and as I look back on the semester, I can see many connections between Digital History and a course that I took last semester, Public History. During my public history class, we read the book Recent Themes on Historians and the Public in our exploration of the … Continue reading Digital History as Public History