Introduction to Digital History

With the development of computers in the late twentieth century, many fields of study were dramatically changed. One of these fields to take on the task of computer mastery is history. I am currently in a Digital History course at Messiah College, taught by Professor David Pettegrew. We have been studying how to further incorporate computer technology … Continue reading Introduction to Digital History

Expectations of a New Digital History Student

The 2015-2016 academic year at Messiah College is well under way. As a student in Dr. David Pettegrew’s Digital History course, we have read the first few chapters of History in the Digital Age. This compilation of texts by various authors focuses on the advancement of technology and academic resources and their shaping of the research process for historians. Yet, … Continue reading Expectations of a New Digital History Student

WordPress, Zotero, and Harrisburg – Oh My!

As a junior history and English major at Messiah College I enrolled in Dr. Pettegrew’s “Digital History” course in order to fulfill a requirement for my public history concentration. I officially decided to add this concentration and a public relations minor, after my recent internship experience. This summer, I had the privilege of participating in the Pennsylvania Historical … Continue reading WordPress, Zotero, and Harrisburg – Oh My!