Industry and the Population of Harrisburg

Industry is a facet of modern city life that keeps the economy afloat. Yet, cities are often characterized by their unique emphasis on certain industries. Today, we often associate Pittsburgh with the steel industry or Baltimore with seafood. What can be said about Harrisburg, especially in 1900, a time of industrialization? Dr. Pettegrew and the students in … Continue reading Industry and the Population of Harrisburg

Donors for Improvement

The League for Municipal Improvement is often identified as the organization that campaigned for and facilitated the improvements of Harrisburg's City Beautiful Movement. Yet, there was another group of prominent men, women, and businesses, who were not all members of the League, who pledged donations to fund prominent national experts to draw up plans for … Continue reading Donors for Improvement

Harrisburg’s 1900 Population… In the Books

The past two weeks we’ve been getting lost in Harrisburg, 1900, as we continue to work on our second project, “City Social.” We learned how to effectively make use of Microsoft Access, as we explored the City Social Database, which is a record of the citizens of Harrisburg in 1900. This massive database includes a … Continue reading Harrisburg’s 1900 Population… In the Books

Digital Archaeology

As this semester progresses, I realize more and more how similar Digital History is to Historical Archaeology. Where one researcher is brushing dust off artifacts, another is pouring through archives and databases for their very own dusty material. The more time you spend digging around, the more information you can gather and the more you … Continue reading Digital Archaeology