Learning to “Do History”: Lessons in Collaborative Research and Writing

I have been involved with the Digital Harrisburg Initiative since January of 2018 and have had the opportunity to be involved in may different projects. Most of the writing I've been asked to do has been very independent (minus a few edits in post-production). Over the past year, however, I was able to contribute to … Continue reading Learning to “Do History”: Lessons in Collaborative Research and Writing

Story Mapping Harrisburg’s Old Eighth Ward with ArcGIS

Last Sunday my friend Andre Frueh and I jumped in the car and drove twenty minutes from Messiah to the steps of the Harrisburg Capitol. We parked on the street by a meter, where parking is free on Sunday. We may be budding historians, but that doesn't mean we aren't on a budget. Our reason … Continue reading Story Mapping Harrisburg’s Old Eighth Ward with ArcGIS

New History: Updates on Digital Harrisburg

The team of students and faculty at Messiah College's branch of the Digital Harrisburg Initiative have been hard at work for the past few months on a variety of different projects. Our on-going involvement in the Look Up, Look Out campaign and Commonwealth Monument project allows many different students to lend their voices to important … Continue reading New History: Updates on Digital Harrisburg

Remembering in High-Resolution: Examining Photographs from Harrisburg’s Old Eighth Ward

As the Capitol building was erected The Old Eighth Ward, a culturally rich area mostly populated by immigrants and minorities was torn down to make space.  The narrative cast painted The Old Eighth as a place of vice.  Destroying it was justified because it was believed to be a seedy crime hub, a place not worth saving.  The goal of this project is to restore life to a place that it was taken from.

Look Up, Look Out: Time Travel to the Old 8th Ward

The most recent issue of ShowcaseNow! Magazine features a nice little piece by Lenwood Sloan about the Look Up and Look Out campaign which will tell the stories of the Old Eighth Ward between 1870 and 1920. We expect to launch that officially with posters and webpages in the next couple of weeks. In the … Continue reading Look Up, Look Out: Time Travel to the Old 8th Ward

My First Job as a Digital Historian

At the end of the fall semester of my sophomore year of college, I was told that through my current internship I would be able to research and write for a monument that would later be installed in the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building. Without hesitation I accepted, but as the exhibit developed it became a … Continue reading My First Job as a Digital Historian

Saturday Salon, May 4, 2:00-4:00

Join us this Saturday, May 4, 2:00-4:00 for a Salon Celebration honoring white carnation descendants of the 100 Voices and other inhabitants of the Old Eighth Ward. The event will be held at Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center at 1102 N. 3rd Street. Between 2:00 and 3:00, visitors can circulate between different tables and information booths, … Continue reading Saturday Salon, May 4, 2:00-4:00

Picturing People from the Past

Recently the Digital Harrisburg team have been looking for photos to pair with the stories written for the Look Up Look Out campaign. These stories are the culmination of months of research dedicated to the residents and businesses of 8th Ward before its destruction in the early 1900s. Despite work done by Stephanie Patterson Gilbert … Continue reading Picturing People from the Past

Looking into the Old 8th Ward

When researching for a history project, one can run into a lot of inconsistencies that make collecting any kind of data difficult. We expect the things we find to hand us information that correlates with our theories, but it's hardly ever that easy. In order to get a realistic perspective from the artifact, one has … Continue reading Looking into the Old 8th Ward