Look Up, Look Out is part of the Commonwealth Monument Project. The project organizer is the IIPT Harrisburg Peace Promenade, a project of the Foundation for Enhancing Communities, fiscal sponsor. Visit the landing page for more information about the project.

The “Look Up, Look Out” Campaign seeks to reimagine the Old 8th Ward, the multi-ethnic neighborhood demolished in the 1910s to create the Capitol Park. A once-thriving neighborhood now teems with a new population–government workers and those associated with the everyday business of a capital city. Using a combination of historical research and digital tools, we seek to connect these two populations.

We have identified 12 “hotspots” throughout the various buildings of the Capitol Complex that feature heavy foot traffic. We invite passers-by to stop, look up, and look out onto the neighborhood that once stood where they now stand. By clicking into the 12 Look Up Look Out pages, visitors will encounter historical narratives of the Old Eighth Ward as well as 12 biographies of notable residents or visitors.

With biography of T. Morris Chester
With biography of Frances Harper
With biography of William Howard Day
With biography of Jacob Compton
With biography of Dr. Rabbi Nachman Heller
With biography of Colonel W. Strothers
With biography of Sister Mary Clare Grace
With biography of Joseph L. Thomas
With biography of Dr. William H. Jones
With biography of Gwendolyn Bennett
With biography of Anne Amos
With biography of Hannah Braxton Jones