Getting Out The Vote at Messiah University

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 15th amendment and the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, the Center for Public Humanities has partnered with the Student Government Association as well as the MU Democrats and MU Conservatives for a voting drive across campus

Commonwealth Monument Dedication

The Monument on the day it was dedicated  August 26, 2020 marked a historic day in Harrisburg history. Titled “A Gathering at The Crossroads: For Such a Time as This,” a new monument was erected in the Pennsylvania State Capital Complex to honor a forgotten piece of Harrisburg’s history: The Old Eighth Ward. The Eighth Ward was a complex … Continue reading Commonwealth Monument Dedication

NEW: A Book about Harrisburg’s Historic African American Community and the Old Eighth Ward

For Immediate Release A New Book Celebrates Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s Historic African American Community and the Old Eighth Ward!!! The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota is proud to announce the release of One Hundred Voices: Harrisburg’s Historic African American Community, 1850-1920 edited by Calobe Jackson, Jr., Katie Wingert McArdle, David Pettegrew, and with … Continue reading NEW: A Book about Harrisburg’s Historic African American Community and the Old Eighth Ward

Closing Out an Eventful Year

The year has finally come to a close, and I have learned a tremendous amount. When I first began this year, I was but a lowly English major searching for something to diversify my degree a little bit. I stumbled upon Digital Humanities and this led me to several new experiences involving the use of … Continue reading Closing Out an Eventful Year

Digital History: A Reflection on the Past Few Months

The same image from my original post back in March. New technology is incorporated into an old system, represented by Clio, the muse of history. From It has been a very interesting semester. Now that it is coming to an end, as all things do, we will pause to look back on how far … Continue reading Digital History: A Reflection on the Past Few Months

My Digital Semester

Map of Harrisburg boundaries in the early 1900s showing the State Capitol grounds (green) and the Capitol Park Extension that replaced the Old Eighth Ward (dark orange) When I started taking digital history at the beginning of this semester, none of us could have predicted just how much digital learning would impact our semesters. When … Continue reading My Digital Semester

My Final Digital History Post

As I have been working through this semester, a good portion of my focus has been on the veterans of the Spanish American War. Back in early April, I posted about my idea for a final project where I track some of the veterans who served in the Spanish American War. Bridging to that idea, … Continue reading My Final Digital History Post