Explore the history of the Old Eighth Ward, the heart of Harrisburg’s African-American, Jewish, and immigrant neighborhoods in the late 19th century, which was wiped away in the 1910s to make way for the Capitol Park.

Look Up, Look Out Exhibit

Explore some of the main historical themes and stories of the Old Eighth Ward 

Old Eighth Photo Galleries

Old Eighth Ward with the new state capitol in the background, ca. 1911, before demolition

Interactive Map of Eighth Ward

This interactive map of Harrisburg will allow you to look at the households of the Old Eighth in 1900 and compare the changes to today

Old Eighth Facebook Page

Read weekly posts and images of the Old Eighth and learn about the activities of the Commonwealth Monument Project

Harrisburg’s Old 8th Ward Website (by Stephanie Patterson Gilbert)

Learn more about the Old Eighth Ward by exploring the website of Penn State Harrisburg created and designed by Stephanie Patterson Gilbert

Old Eighth Ward Omeka Website

View Rachel Williams’ collection of primary sources and historic photographs digitized from county and state archives