In spring 2020, Messiah College’s Digital Harrisburg Working Group and Center for Public Humanities Student Fellows are working with stakeholders in the Commonwealth Monument Project to tell the stories of 100 important citizens who were catalytic agents in Harrisburg’s African American community in the later 19th and 20th centuries.

These 100 Voices include men and women, lawyers and council members, pharmacists and doctors, writers and poets and musicians, church members and missionaries, politicians and state workers, professors and teachers, abolitionists and change makers. These individuals created differences in their own day both in Harrisburg and across Pennsylvania and the wider mid-Atlantic world.

As we commemorate the passing of the 15th and 19th amendments, we seek to celebrate these women and men and their descendants. The Commonwealth Monument Project will host a dinner in their honor on August 25, 2020, 5 PM, and dedicate a new monument celebrating Harrisburg’s African American community on State Capitol Grounds on August 26. To learn more about these homecoming activities, visit this page which will be updated in summer and fall 2020.

We seek to work with descendants to tell the stories and legacies of these 100 Voices. Are you a descendant? Do you know any of the individuals below? Contact to share your connection, explore a lead, or pass on information. We need your help.

For some background to this project, consult this post. Click on a card below to see the full details of each individual. You may also click on a card and scroll through all postcards.

The Commonwealth Monument Project, also known as the IIPT Harrisburg Peace Promenade 15th Amendment Project, is organized by the International Institute for Peace through Tourism Harrisburg Peace Promenade, and funded through its fiscal sponsor, The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, as well as a Humanities Research for the Public Good grant from the Council of Independent Colleges