Pieces of the Puzzle (The Burg Article on the Old Eighth Ward)

M. Diane McCormick published a recent piece on the Commonwealth Monument Project at The Burg. Titled Pieces of the Puzzle, the essay details the project and also includes a video interview with Mr. Lenwood Sloan.

Here’s a taste of the article:

“The stories lurk in half-forgotten memories. The images hide in boxes stashed in attics.

Harrisburg’s Old 8th Ward, a dense, crowded neighborhood squeezed between the Pennsylvania Capitol and the railroad tracks, is long gone. But through a diverse group of activists, genealogists, scholars, actors and techies, the voices and faces of a vibrant community are emerging to illuminate a crossroads of history.

Throughout 2019, they are mounting a multi-faceted history project with a reflection and re-examination of the Old 8th at its core.”

Read the rest of the piece here.

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