Locating Harrisburg’s Prostitutes

  Locating Harrisburg's Prostitutes Prostitution has existed in America since its inception. Brothels (which catered to wealthier clientele) and bawdy houses (which catered to the lower, working classes) had dotted street corners and alleyways for generations by the turn of the 20th century. J. Howard Wert in his article for the Harrisburg Patriot newspaper, decried … Continue reading Locating Harrisburg’s Prostitutes

The Silenced Voices of Harrisburg’s Old Eighth Ward

The Silenced Voices of Harrisburg's Old Eighth Ward Before coming to Messiah I knew nothing about Harrisburg or the City Beautiful Movement. When I took Pennsylvania History during my junior year, I began to learn about the fascinating and devastating history of Harrisburg and specifically the Old Eighth Ward. I learned how the City Beautiful … Continue reading The Silenced Voices of Harrisburg’s Old Eighth Ward

Encountering History in the Digital Age

The Endless Depth of Digital History My name is Grace and I am a senior history major with a concentration in public history at Messiah College. I am originally from Chico, California (about an hour and a half north of Sacramento) but last year my family relocated across the country to the lovely Berkshire County … Continue reading Encountering History in the Digital Age