My Contribution: In my brief time, I served my community as a dynamic teacher in Harrisburg public schools and a committed member of my church. I taught at Calder House for three years and served as a playground instructor before moving to Baltimore.

My Legacy: I served an important role in my community as a dedicated female educator of color.

About Me: “The teachers’ training school graduating class will hold its commencement in the high school auditorium this evening…. The teachers will demonstrate their work with the children of the model school. The roll of the 1909 class with the subjects of essays, follows:…. Catherine Payne, ‘The Social Life of the Teacher’” — Harrisburg Telegraph, May 27, 1909.

“For a number of years Mrs. Campbell was an active member of St. Paul’s Baptist Church until she joined the Union Baptist Church at Baltimore.” — The Evening News, January 5, 1918.

Full Name: Catharine Evelyn Payne; Catherine Payne Campbell

Birth Date: March 16, 1890 (Death Certificate)

Death Date: January 2, 1918 (Death Certificate) (buried in Lincoln Cemetery, Pennbrook, Pennsylvania)

Place of Birth: Virginia

Sex: Female

Race: Black (1910 Federal Census), “Colored” (Death Certificate)

Places of Residence: 1411 N. 4th Street, 921 Sarah Street, and 309 S. 14th Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; 1369 N. Carey Street, Baltimore, Maryland

Connection to the Old Eighth Ward: Knew many in the community of the Eighth Ward, including family friend Reverend William H. Marshall of Wesley Union A.M.E. Zion Church.

Family Members: Father: Richard A. Payne. Mother: Sarah (Polla) Payne. Siblings: Catherine Payne-Campbell, William Payne, Anna Payne Campbell, Mary Payne Patterson, Rob- ert Payne, and Elizabeth Hill Payne. Husband: Dr. David N.E. Campbell

Education: Central High School, 1907. Teachers’ Training School in Harrisburg, 1909

Occupations: Public School Teacher

Church Membership: St. Paul’s Baptist Church; Union Baptist Church (Baltimore).

Activism: Women’s Adult Bible Classes Committee

Connections: Horace Payne (brother). Harriet Harrison (close friend and maid of honor in her wedding). Rev. William H. Marshall (family friend), Cassius Brown, Dr. A. Leslie Marshall, and W. Justin Carter