My Contribution: I was a member of the Brotherly Love Lodge No. 896 of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows and Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements for Harrisburg’s Fifteenth Amendment Celebration. I was very active in attending Black conventions along with Cassius M. Brown, Sr. and O.L.C. Hughes. I was also the pastor of Free Baptist Church in Harrisburg and organized union camp meetings in Harrisburg for local clergy.

My Legacy: I was an emblem of political engagement in Harrisburg in the fight for equal rights, Republican clubs, and in temperance circles. As a clergyman, I sought to ensure that individuals of color were memorialized well in Harrisburg. Second Baptist Church, where I often spoke and served, still remains today. The decoration of veterans’ graves, of which I took part, remains a tradition in Harrisburg and beyond.

About Me: “The orator, Rev. C.J. Carter, delivered an able address, and read a beautiful poem composed by himself for the occasion. It was an affecting and patriotic tribute to the brave soldiers we revere…” Harrisburg Telegraph, May 31, 1873.

Full Name: Charles J. Carter

Birth Date: Ca. 1826

Death Date: December 21, 1881. Buried in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Place of Birth: Reading, Pennsylvania.

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Places of Residence: Reading, Pennsylvania; 49 N. Duke Street (1863), South & River Alley (1867), 1318 William Street (1876-1880), and Marion Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (1870s); Providence, Rhode Island (1874).

Connection to the Old Eighth Ward: Interacted with key players and organizations.

Family Members: Wife: Barbara Carter. Daughter: Annie E. Carter (executor of estate).

Education: Unknown.

Occupations: Teacher. Clergyman.

Church Membership: Free Baptist Church and Second Baptist Church.

Activism: Grand United Order of Odd Fellows; Brotherly Love Lodge N. 896; Temperance Convention; Hartranft Club; Union Central Republican Club; and Dauphin County Equal Rights Club.

Connections: William Howard Day, Thomas Morris, Chester, John Quincy Adams, John W. Simpson, George Galbraith, David Chester, Jacob Costley, William R. Dorsey, Benjamin Foote, Cassius M. Brown, and O.L.C. Hughes.