My Contribution: I was a teacher and advocate of public education. Eventually, I became the principal of the Eleventh Street School.

My Legacy: In my lifetime, I served many students in the hopes of making their lives better. Through education, I hope that the African American children in my segregated school were able to live prosperous lives.

About Me: Colored Schools.—Eleventh Street.—Mixed primary, Charlotte E. Weaver, principal.” — Harrisburg Telegraph, July 18, 1873.

“Other early African American pioneers in Harrisburg’s school district included… Charlotte Weaver (Chester).” — John Weldon Scott, African Americans of Harrisburg, 2005.

Full Name: Charlotte Elizabeth Chester; Mrs. Charlotte Weaver.

Birth Date: August 14, 1829

Death Date: July 8, 1882 (buried in Lincoln Cemetery, Penbrook, Pennsylvania)

Place of Birth: Pennsylvania

Sex: Female

Race: Black (1880 Federal Census)

Places of Residence: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Ward 4 (1860), 1428 Mar- ion Street (1880), and 305 Chestnut (1878).

Connection to the Old Eighth Ward: Resided near Eighth Ward; knew many involved in Eighth Ward

Family Members: Father: George Chester. Mother: Jane Mars Chester. Husband: William H. Weaver. Children: Jennie Weaver Palmer, Alda Weaver Brisco, Fannie Weaver Auter, Maggie Weaver Sample, Francis (daughter). Siblings: Thomas Morris Chester, David Chester, Harriett Chester, Ellen Chester, Maria Chester, and Eliza Chester Zedrick.

Occupations: Teacher. Principal. Housekeeper. Mother

Church Membership: Unknown—likely Wesley Union A.M.E. Zion Church

Connections: Connections: Jane Chester (mother), Thomas Morris Chester (brother), David R. Chester (brother), Amelia Chester, Eliza Zedricks (sister).