My Contribution: I served under nine chief executives of Pennsylva- nia as a messenger for the Governor’s Office. I was an elder at Capital Street Presbyterian Church. I also advocated for the appointment of Edward T. Hooper as Color Sergeant under Pennsylvania’s Adjutant General, who served as the first African American in this kind of position in Pennsylvania.

My Legacy: In acting as an honorable and trustworthy man, I gained love and respect and earned a positive reputation in the city. As a messenger for ten governors, I made friends with many individuals. I was also one of the founders of the Citizens Republican Club of Phil- adelphia, through which I helped to break the color lines in several official positions. With my help, African Americans of the Seventh Ward gained positions as the Recording Secretary for the Republi- can City Committee, policemen, and city councilmen.

About Me: “By his death also Capitol Hill is poorer by the absence of one of its best known and most appreciated figures.” — Governor Gifford Pinchot, The Evening News, February 19, 1932.

Full Name: James Monroe Auter

Birth Date: 1845

Death Date: February 17, 1932

Place of Birth: Petersburg, Virginia

Sex: Male

Race: Black (1870-1910 Federal Cen- suses), “Mulatto” (1920 Federal Census), and “Negro” (1930 Federal Census)

Places of Residence: : 1113 Rodman Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1880); 245 S. 14th Street (1900), 305 S. 14th Street (1910), and 114 Balm Street, Harrisburg, Pennsyl- vania (1920-1930); Petersburg, Virginia

Connection to the Old Eighth Ward: • Connection to the Old Eighth Ward: As messenger to the governor’s office, knew the Eighth Ward well; active community member in Capital Street Presbyterian Church.

Family Members: Brothers: Cas- tine Auter, William Auter, and Gaston Auter. Wife: M1: Laura V., m.unknown-1885. Wife: M2: Fannie E. Weaver, m.1888-1930. Children: Jennie Auter Roche, Ethel B. Auter Snow,  Alda H. Auter, Dr.  Nelson H. Auter, Mr.  James Auter  Jr.,  Dr.  Milton H. Auter, and Virginia H. Auter. Granddaughter: Frances Evans.•Education: could read and write according to federal census.

Education: could read and write according to federal census

Occupations: : Barber. Sailor in the U.S. Navy. Messenger for the Governor. Appointed title of Colonel.

Church Membership: Church Membership: Elder at Capital Street Presbyterian Church (Harrisburg Telegraph, August 21, 1931)

Activism: Harrisburg NAACP (treasurer); Masonic Home of Linglestown (first su- perintendent); David Stevenson Post 520 (commander); Citizens Republican Club (founder and president)

Connections: : Jane Chester (host at wedding); Robert Nel- son (co-worker).