My Contribution: I was an influential teacher at the Lincoln School in Harrisburg and principal in York. I served my church as president and treasurer of the Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor of Capital Street Presbyterian Church. I was also known for my abilities as an orator.

My Legacy: I positively influenced a cohort of young children of col- or in York and Harrisburg and built the faith of my friends through Capital Street Presbyterian Church. That church and the Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor thrive today because of me.

About Me: “The Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor of the Capital Street Presbyterian church held memorial services in the church last evening at 7.15 o’clock in honor of the late James Stu- art, who was at the time of his death treasurer of the Harrisburg Christian Endeavor union. Beside being a very active worker in his own society, he took active part in the Christian Endeavor Union and general Christian Endeavor work.” — Harrisburg Daily Inde- pendent, September 29, 1902.

“James  Stuart  delivered  an  oration  which  won  him  many  compli- ments. His subject was ‘No Peace Without Union.’ The young man was natural in his gestures, spoke distinctly and gave evidence of more than ordinary oratorical ability in one so young. His ideas were original and commanded the closest attention of the audience.”

Harrisburg Telegraph, July 1, 1885.

Full Name: James Stuart, Alternate Last name: Stewart, Steward

Birth Date: November 16, 1865

Death Date: August 25, 1902 (died suddenly in New York City, buried in Lincoln Cemetery, Penbrook, Pennsylvania)

Place of Birth: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (father arrived in Harrisburg in 1864)

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Places of Residence: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: 108 Cherry Avenue (1880-1888) and 814 East Street (1900-1902: owned property).

Connection to the Old Eighth Ward: Resident; attended Capital Street Presbyterian Church

Family Members: Father: Henry Stuart, b. February 3, 1837 in Hagerstown, Maryland. Mother: Eliza Stuart, b. in Maryland ca. 1839. Siblings: Augustus Stuart, Daniel Stuart, Lillie Stuart, Harriet Stuart, and three others. Wife: Mary F. Stuart, b. 1871. Son: James E. Stuart, b. ca 1894

Education: Harrisburg High School, 1885 (delivered oration on the theme  of “No Peace Without Union”)

Occupations: Supervisory Principal of School no. 15 of York, Pennsylvania in 1888. Teacher at the Lincoln School in Harrisburg in 1902. Father.

Church Membership: Wesley Union A.M.E. Zion Church (the church of his father); Capital Street Presbyterian Church (mite society and Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor)

Activism: Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor of Capital Street Presbyterian Church (president and treasurer).

Connections: Anne E. Amos, James H. W. Howard, William Howard Day, John P. Scott, Cassius M. Brown, Theodore Frye, and Morris H. Layton.