My Contribution: I was an experienced doctor for residents in my neighborhood. I was an advocate and supporter of public education for African American children. I was also a major player in Harris- burg’s City Beautiful Movement, influencing my community to sup- port the vote for civic improvement and beautification projects.

My Legacy: Respected by both African American and white residents of Harrisburg, I was an active and visible figure. After my death, the Black community raised funds to support a park entrance and fountain in my honor at the Twelfth Street Playgrounds. From education to trade to medical societies, I left a lasting impact on the betterment of Harrisburg.

About Me: “His ability was recognized by all, and he was greatly respected, not only by members of his own race, but by the white people of Harrisburg.” — Democratic Messenger, Snow Hill, Mary- land, January 21, 1905.

Full Name: Dr. William Harrison Jones, Jr. • Birth Date: August 10, 1860 • Death Date: January 19, 1905 • Place of Birth: Snowhill, Maryland • Sex: Male • Race: Black • Places of Residence: Snowhill, Maryland; Knoxville, Tennessee; 402 E. State Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (city resident for 16 years). • Connection to the Old Eighth Ward: Resident; advocate of education and beautification; neighborhood doctor. • Family Members: Father: William H. Jones. Mother: Esther A. (Smith) Jones. Sib- lings: Georgianna Jones Wilson, Milcah Jones Bailey, John David Jones. Fiancee: Margaret W. Lewis. • Education: Howard University (1887). New York Polyclinic Institute. • Occupations: Barber in Snowhill, MD. Physician. Elected School Director (1902-1904). • Church Membership: St. Paul’s Protestant Episcopal Church. • Activism: Active in Republican politics, Black organizations, and medical societies: Academy of Medicine in Harrisburg (president); Brotherly Love Lodge, No. 896, Grand United Order of Odd Fellows; American Medical Society; Pennsylvania State Society; Dauphin County Society; and Baker Building and Loan Association (president). • Connections: Harry Burrs and James Auter, William H. Jones, Sr.