My Contribution: I was a well-known resident, census enumerator, and acclaimed Republican politician of the Eighth Ward. I was a leading figure in local baseball, acting as team president for Harrisburg’s Apolia team and team secretary and team scorer for Harris- burg’s Moravians team.

My Legacy: I wed sports involvement with political activism, serving in leadership roles at political meetings, enumerating for the census, and eventually becoming a Republican delegate for the first precinct of the Eighth Ward. In a world in which those involved in athletics also have political voices, my life continues to have great relevance.

About Me: “A man of powerful build” — The Harrisburg Patriot, regarding Galbraith’s baseball involvement.

Full Name: George R. Galbraith • Birth Date: September 1848 • Death Date: April 27, 1912 • Place of Birth: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Sex: Male • Race: “Mulatto” (1850 Federal Census) and Black (1900 Federal Census) • Places of Residence: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: 412 South Street, 402 Filbert Street (1900), and 405 Filbert Street • Connection to the Old Eighth Ward: Resident; political activism; census enumerator • Family Members: Father: George Galbraith, Sr. Mother: Elizabeth [Eliza] Galbraith. Sisters: Lucretia Galbraith, Prescilla Galbraith. • Education: Educated well enough to perform many roles in city • Occupations: Cemetery Superintendent. Census Enumerator for Eighth Ward (1900). Estate Agent (1900). Team  Scorer and Secretary  for Harrisburg’s Moravians Baseball Club. Team President of Harrisburg’s Apolia Baseball Club. Politician. • Church Membership: Wesley Union A.M.E. Zion Church • Activism: Served in many community organizations: Old Reliable Club, Equal Rights Club of Dauphin County (officer), and Black Republicans (organized event in 1873 for commemorating the Fifteenth Amendment and the freeing of enslaved people of

54 the West Indies). • Connections: David Chester, T. Morris Chester, Charles J. Carter, Joseph Costley, William Howard Day, John Gaitor, George H. Imes, James H.W. Howard, Joseph B. Popel, John W. Simpson, and David Stevens.