My Contribution: I was a leader of the Harrisburg Colored Choral Society and the Burrs Orchestra, a clerk at the Harrisburg Club, a well-known violinist in the community, and a conductor of the Harrisburg Orchestra.

My Legacy: My role as a leading Black musician in Harrisburg made me an important contributor to Harrisburg’s culture and society.

About Me: “Mr. Burrs, leader of the Burrs Orchestra, and head of the Burris Musical Studio, is one of the energetic young men of Harrisburg. For several years he has been clerk of the wealthiest club of Harrisburg and filled the position with credit and ability. He is a thorough musician and has organized an orchestra of twenty-five pieces. His studio is located at 665 Briggs Street, where he teaches vocal and instrumental music, assisted by his talented wife, Mrs. Myrtle Burrs.” Pennsylvania Negro Business Directory 1910

Full Name: Sylvester Eugene Burris

Birth Date: February 5, 1882

Death Date: May 24, 1948

Place of Birth: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Sex: Male

Race: “Mulatto” (1910 Federal Census)

Places of Residence: 665 Briggs Street and 919 Ash Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Connection to the Old Eighth Ward: Resident

Family Members: Wife: Myrtle Burris

Education: Studied the violin under Max Blumfeid and Mme. von Bereghy

Occupations: Musician. Clubhouse Clerk.

Church Membership: Bethel A.M.E. Church

Activism: Harrisburg Colored Choral Society

Connections: Harry Burrs (Choral Society).