My Contribution: I served as dean of the board of elders at Capital Presbyterian Church for decades. I started the Springdale neighborhood in Allison Hill. And I advocated for my son to be able to attend a white school in 1871.

My Legacy: I provided crucial leadership in Harrisburg, in leading Capital Presbyterian Church and pioneering residency in Springdale. Capital Presbyterian Church still stands as a visible marker of my investments during my lifetime.

About Me: “He was one of the early residents of Allison Hill, having moved to that community forty years ago. He was a member of the Capital Street Presbyterian Church for nearly sixty years, serving as dean of the board of elders. He was the oldest member of the Sunday School.” Harrisburg Telegraph, February 18, 1929.

Full Name: Turner Cooper

Birth Date: August 2, 1860

Death Date: February 17, 1929

Place of Birth: Winchester, Virginia; born enslaved.

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Places of Residence: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: 133 Walnut Street, 1604 Elm Street, and 1610 Elm Street.

Connection to the Old Eighth Ward: Resident on Walnut Street two blocks west of the Eighth Ward; members of Capital Presbyterian Church.

Family Members: Father: Turner Cooper. Mother: Sarah Shepherd Cooper. Wife: Mary Cooper. Children: Porter Cooper, Charles Cooper, Harry Cooper, Ross Cooper, William Cooper, Sarah Cooper, Mary Cooper, and Jennie Cooper.

Education: Could read and write according to federal census records.

Occupations: Butler. Carpenter. Brickyard Worker. Janitor.

Church Membership: Capital Street Presbyterian Church (dean of board of elders and oldest member of Sunday school).

Activism: Unknown.

Connections: Jacob T. Compton, Cassius M. Brown, Levi Weaver, and George H. Imes.