The Beginning of Digital History at Messiah College

The world around us is changing.  Laptops, smartphones, and other technologies are increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily lives.  As historian Charlotte Lydia Riley pointed out in the book History in the Digital Age, members of the millennial generation have lived most, if not all, of their lives surrounded by technology that is … Continue reading The Beginning of Digital History at Messiah College

The Visionaries

In our digital history class we are learning about the City Beautiful Movement in Harrisburg. The City Beautiful movement was prominent in cities across the country, but Harrisburg’s was one of the first to be successful. However, for a movement to be successful, it needs people with a vision to get the ball rolling. For our exhibit, our group … Continue reading The Visionaries

City Beautiful and the 1900 Census

1899 Harrisburg. The city was falling apart. There were talks of the Capital of Pennsylvania being moved. From all of this emerged a female leader determined to transform the city into the beautiful place she knew it could be. Mira Lloyd Dock was this proactive woman who saw the potential in Harrisburg. The City Beautiful movement … Continue reading City Beautiful and the 1900 Census

New Initiatives in Digital Harrisburg

There is a new buzz about our campus about the digital humanities, digital history, and the prospects of creating a digital project, or series of projects, related to the people, culture, and history of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s state capital. The Department of History at Messiah College has created this site to publicize our new initiatives in … Continue reading New Initiatives in Digital Harrisburg