Excelling in Census Data

These past few weeks we have been hard at work taking census data from 1900 Harrisburg and putting it into Microsoft excel. This work was done with help from Ancestry, Dr. Pettegrew, patience, attention to detail, and numerous cups of coffee. Below, you will see one of the many sheets from the 1900 census. I … Continue reading Excelling in Census Data

Digital Harrisburg Initiatives: An Update

There has been a flurry of student and faculty activity in the last month about our Digital Harrisburg projects. You’ve heard now from most of the students in the Digital History course about their experiences so far with the City Social and City Beautiful projects. Expect additional observations, comments, and curiosities from students in the … Continue reading Digital Harrisburg Initiatives: An Update

The Study of History in the Digital Age

Many years ago, we would have never put the two words "Digital" and "History" together because they seem to have two completely different meanings. "Digital" refers to computing technology, while "History" refers to the study of the past. Now, in the digital age, as a result of all of the technological advances, historians are almost pushed to study … Continue reading The Study of History in the Digital Age

Paving a Path for Recognition

These past three weeks, our class has been entering into the heart of our digital history projects. For the “City Social Project”, as noted by previous posts, our class is digitizing US census data of various wards in Harrisburg. We are digitizing these records, which can be found on Ancestry.com, to showcase the people of Harrisburg … Continue reading Paving a Path for Recognition

Digital Harrisburg: The “Pennsylvania History” Perspective

As David Pettegrew noted in his original post at Digital Harrisburg, I am teaching a course in Pennsylvania history this semester at Messiah College.  This course is part of our newly revamped public history concentration, so students are not only learning about the history of the Commonwealth, but they are also getting training in local … Continue reading Digital Harrisburg: The “Pennsylvania History” Perspective

Harrisburg and the 1900 Census

Messiah College's Digital History class is currently finishing the digitization of the 1900 Census Records from the city of Harrisburg. I have digitized segments of Wards 3, 4, and 9. In looking at the map below, you can identify the wards by the large numbers throughout. While working on digitizing these wards, many interesting discoveries were made. … Continue reading Harrisburg and the 1900 Census

So What Exactly are We Doing?

As you must have gathered from exploring this site, students at Messiah College are working on projects that involve bringing historical information about Harrisburg, PA and the City Beautiful Movement into the Digital Age. But with all the information about census data, archiving and digitization, it’s easy for details about what is occurring within the … Continue reading So What Exactly are We Doing?

Warren Manning

Warren Manning is not a very familiar name to everyone, let alone those that are reading our engagements in Digital History or those who aren't knowledgeable of the "City Beautiful Movement" in Harrisburg. Although that may be true, to those that are writing the history of this city,  he matters quite a bit. Warren Manning, a student … Continue reading Warren Manning

Visiting the Archives

This past weekend a group of Digital History students drove down to Daulphin County Historical Society to take a peak inside the archives. We took time out of our Sunday to begin research for our digital exhibits on the City Beautiful Movement in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Upon arriving, we noticed the connection Harrisburg still has to … Continue reading Visiting the Archives

Bringing the Past into the Present

Our most recent obstacle, as we continue with our research of Harrisburg’s City Beautiful Project is designing a website to display our work. Since many of us are novices when it comes to creating any website, let alone an omeka.net site, we need to start with the basics. Even understanding basic terminology was a challenge; … Continue reading Bringing the Past into the Present