City Beautiful Projects

As other students have mentioned in their posts, our digital history class is coming to an end. This means that we are starting to finish up our City Beautiful projects, and as our class continues to put together their exhibits on, we are able to get a better look at Harrisburg during the late 19th to early 20th century.

For our City Beautiful project, the class was divided into groups of three and each was responsible for an exhibit related to the project. The topics included an Introduction, Background to City Beautiful, The Visionaries, The Campaign for Improvement, The City Votes, The Improvements, and a Conclusion.

Bain News Service, publisher - Vance C. McCormick Archival Fine Art Paper Print

My group was responsible for the Campaign for Improvements exhibit which included three different sections, each of which has several different pages related to the improvements. The first section was Vance McCormick and the pages were his anti-typhoid ticket, the campaign and the election results; the second section was the Municipal League and the pages were the improvement plan, propaganda and pictures of Harrisburg; and the third section was Harmony and Opposition, and the pages were those who were against the campaign, those in favor of the campaign and cartoons for improvement.

My section under the Campaign for Improvements was the Municipal League which included small sub topics such as the proposed improvement plan, propaganda for the campaign, and pictures of Harrisburg during the late 19th to early 20th century. I spent over ten hours during the course of our digital history class researching these topics at the Pennsylvania State Archives and the Dauphin County Archives. While researching, I found several pictures and information about the Municipal League including maps of the proposed plans, pictures of Harrisburg during the late 19th century to early 20th century, propaganda for the campaign for improvement and articles about the campaign and the municipal league. After finding this information I continued with the city beautiful project on to compile the information into one exhibit for the public.

As our class starts to wind down, we are starting to finish up our City Beautiful projects on Once all of the groups have compiled their information about their topics on Harrisburg and City Beautiful together, we will release it to the public. The site will provide a closer look at the late 19th to early 20th century project that was proposed to make Harrisburg a better place.



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