The Expansion of the Women’s History Garden

My name is Tyler Caruso and I am a Junior at Messiah University studying film and media production. During this semester as part of the Humanities Projects course at Messiah, I am working on the Women's History Garden at the Civic Club of Harrisburg. Last semester, Messiah University’s Center for Public Humanities partnered with the … Continue reading The Expansion of the Women’s History Garden

The Month in Reflection

As the culmination of the Digital Harrisburg Class, we, as students, were asked to put together a final project to demonstrate both the digital skills and the knowledge of Harrisburg we had gained through the class. In my case, I followed the early trail of the rather compelling and successful mayor and reformer Vance C. … Continue reading The Month in Reflection

Ask Not What Your [City] Can Do For You…

For our first project, we were each asked to choose The Patriot newspaper articles, from among those we'd previously collected, and analyze what they tell us about Harrisburg's "campaign for beauty.” As a class, our hope is that this brief study will provide us with a better understanding of the progress of this movement and how … Continue reading Ask Not What Your [City] Can Do For You…

City Beautiful Projects

As other students have mentioned in their posts, our digital history class is coming to an end. This means that we are starting to finish up our City Beautiful projects, and as our class continues to put together their exhibits on, we are able to get a better look at Harrisburg during the late 19th to early … Continue reading City Beautiful Projects

Mira Lloyd Dock Beyond City Beautiful

As you know, our time working on the City Beautiful Project is coming to a close. I have been researching Mira Lloyd Dock for my part of the project. My research was fully conducted at the Pennsylvania State Archives. Searching through boxes of personal family papers, journals, reports, speeches and letters, it quickly became apparent that … Continue reading Mira Lloyd Dock Beyond City Beautiful

From City Social to City Beautiful

As many students have already posted, our Digital History class is currently working on two different projects related to the history of Harrisburg and its past residents, which are “City Social” and “City Beautiful”. Each of these projects is our way of getting to know more about this city and its history. The first project … Continue reading From City Social to City Beautiful