The Quest to Discover more about Harrisburg’s City Beautiful Movement

Over this past week, our class has been studying the City Beautiful movement. The City Beautiful Movement was initiated to bring beauty and life back into the unpolished industrial city of Harrisburg. Harrisburg was made up of railroad industries as well as Iron and Steel developments. Paul Beers, journalist, claims that at one point, Harrisburg … Continue reading The Quest to Discover more about Harrisburg’s City Beautiful Movement

Digital History: The Transformation of Historical Methodology

Experimentation with Digital History is a central theme for me this academic school year. Traditional forms of historical research are taught to all historians in the Messiah History Department yet bits of digital history, its themes, and procedures, find their way into the curriculum of multiple classrooms. We have the privilege in Historical Methods, Messiah's … Continue reading Digital History: The Transformation of Historical Methodology

Entering Into Digital History

Hello. My name is Sarah Wilson, and I am a junior history major who is currently in Digital History with Dr. Pettegrew. I am a public history concentration and am interested in Library and Information Sciences. Coming into the Digital History class, I already know a great deal about the subject. I have been working … Continue reading Entering Into Digital History

Introduction to Digital History

As a junior history major at Messiah College, with a public concentration, a course in digital history fits naturally in the courses I ought to take. A public concentration means that you want to work with the public to help them grow in their understanding of history. Jobs in public history can include work in museums, … Continue reading Introduction to Digital History

Digital History January Session: Reid Myers

Hello, I’m Reid Myers. That's me, to the left. I am a sophomore history major with a concentration in administrative studies. This January at Messiah College, myself and nine other history students have the chance to take the Digital History course offered by the history department. We have three weeks to do so. It’s a … Continue reading Digital History January Session: Reid Myers

First Steps into Digital History

I would love to tell you a story this afternoon. The story is my introduction to what brought you here to this Digital Harrisburg site— digital history. If it weren’t for the interest of professors at Messiah in pursuing the rising field of digital history, this site would presumably not be in existence. My part … Continue reading First Steps into Digital History

Digital Harrisburg Team-Sarah

I’m Sarah. I’m a Public History major with a minor in religion and I have been working for Digital Harrisburg for a little over a year now. For the majority of my time here, I’ve been working with ArcGIS. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is used to add data and display it spatially, usually on maps. … Continue reading Digital Harrisburg Team-Sarah

#ThrowbackThursday 9/22/1916

At Digital Harrisburg, we are starting a new #ThrowbackThursday, where we examine an issue of the Harrisburg Telegram that came out exactly 100 years ago.     September 22, 1916 On this day in Harrisburg history, an open-air dance was held in Market Square during the celebrations for the Harrisburg’s First Merchants’ Uniform Fall Opening, … Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday 9/22/1916

Digital Harrisburg’s Data Analytics

For our senior project in computer science, we are excited to be working for Digital Harrisburg, providing them with data cleansing services and advanced data analytics. At the first stage of the project, we looked into several data cleansing software applications to help clean the census records used by Digital Harrisburg. We have concluded that … Continue reading Digital Harrisburg’s Data Analytics