Employment Options for African American Residents of Harrisburg from 1900-1930

Although present day Harrisburg's African American population accounts for 48% of its citizens, from 1900 to 1930 these residents were a vast minority. Despite being a progressive, fast-growing city, for most of the minority population, employment options remained very limited during the time period. While similar jobs were filled by the majority of both populations … Continue reading Employment Options for African American Residents of Harrisburg from 1900-1930

Harrisburg Veterans After Returning From War

In keeping with the theme of my course project, I will be looking into the statistics of Harrisburg veterans after they returned from war. In this, I will be comparing the marital status, school attendance, employment status, property owning status, and race. In conducting this, I utilized data from the 1930 census data. Photo captured … Continue reading Harrisburg Veterans After Returning From War

Story Mapping Harrisburg’s Old Eighth Ward with ArcGIS

Last Sunday my friend Andre Frueh and I jumped in the car and drove twenty minutes from Messiah to the steps of the Harrisburg Capitol. We parked on the street by a meter, where parking is free on Sunday. We may be budding historians, but that doesn't mean we aren't on a budget. Our reason … Continue reading Story Mapping Harrisburg’s Old Eighth Ward with ArcGIS

Remembering in High-Resolution: Examining Photographs from Harrisburg’s Old Eighth Ward

As the Capitol building was erected The Old Eighth Ward, a culturally rich area mostly populated by immigrants and minorities was torn down to make space.  The narrative cast painted The Old Eighth as a place of vice.  Destroying it was justified because it was believed to be a seedy crime hub, a place not worth saving.  The goal of this project is to restore life to a place that it was taken from.

Looking into the Old 8th Ward

When researching for a history project, one can run into a lot of inconsistencies that make collecting any kind of data difficult. We expect the things we find to hand us information that correlates with our theories, but it's hardly ever that easy. In order to get a realistic perspective from the artifact, one has … Continue reading Looking into the Old 8th Ward

Entering Into Digital History

Hello. My name is Sarah Wilson, and I am a junior history major who is currently in Digital History with Dr. Pettegrew. I am a public history concentration and am interested in Library and Information Sciences. Coming into the Digital History class, I already know a great deal about the subject. I have been working … Continue reading Entering Into Digital History

First Steps into Digital History

I would love to tell you a story this afternoon. The story is my introduction to what brought you here to this Digital Harrisburg site— digital history. If it weren’t for the interest of professors at Messiah in pursuing the rising field of digital history, this site would presumably not be in existence. My part … Continue reading First Steps into Digital History

Silhouettes and Passing Time

A city cannot function properly without the co-operation of its populace and, even so, it requires dedicated individuals to view it with a critical eye and decide where it requires improvement. Beyond that, it requires individuals who are willing to not only see these needs, but also to act upon them. Women committed to this … Continue reading Silhouettes and Passing Time

Looking Backward and Looking Forward

Sitting in the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg this afternoon, I was glad to find myself with a little time to reflect on this past semester in Digital History. It was strange to realize how much we had accomplished in terms of reading, learning techniques, and project research. Project 1 seemed to fly by as … Continue reading Looking Backward and Looking Forward

Mapping the African American Reformers of Harrisburg

As the days are getting colder, our research is getting warmer. At the moment our Digital History course at Messiah College is waist deep in our third project for the semester. Over the past few class periods we have been learning a lot about the inner workings of ArcGIS, a digital mapping technology. We take … Continue reading Mapping the African American Reformers of Harrisburg