Reflecting on Digital History 2022

Throughout this fall semester I have expanded my experience as a historian; however, particularly my experiences with the field of digital history. The digital history course exposed me to a great number of tools, such as website and blog creation programs like Omeka and WordPress. Both of these tools have allowed me to not only … Continue reading Reflecting on Digital History 2022

Searching for Answers

Photo by Kelan Amme As part of the Digital History course offered at Messiah University, students are given the opportunity to gain experience in archival research during visits to the Pennsylvania State Archives and the Historical Society of Dauphin County. During two separate trips to Harrisburg, students were tasked with identifying manuscripts, books, and other … Continue reading Searching for Answers

Encountering History in the Digital Age

By Derek M. Murphy Greetings! Photo by author Prior to the Digital History course with Dr. David Pettegrew, I had little knowledge of the digital humanities, especially pertaining to history. My main exposure to digital history was through another course at Messiah University, Public History. In this class we discussed some of the ways history, … Continue reading Encountering History in the Digital Age