Closing Out an Eventful Year

The year has finally come to a close, and I have learned a tremendous amount. When I first began this year, I was but a lowly English major searching for something to diversify my degree a little bit. I stumbled upon Digital Humanities and this led me to several new experiences involving the use of … Continue reading Closing Out an Eventful Year

My Digital Semester

Map of Harrisburg boundaries in the early 1900s showing the State Capitol grounds (green) and the Capitol Park Extension that replaced the Old Eighth Ward (dark orange) When I started taking digital history at the beginning of this semester, none of us could have predicted just how much digital learning would impact our semesters. When … Continue reading My Digital Semester

My Final Digital History Post

As I have been working through this semester, a good portion of my focus has been on the veterans of the Spanish American War. Back in early April, I posted about my idea for a final project where I track some of the veterans who served in the Spanish American War. Bridging to that idea, … Continue reading My Final Digital History Post

Harrisburg Veterans After Returning From War

In keeping with the theme of my course project, I will be looking into the statistics of Harrisburg veterans after they returned from war. In this, I will be comparing the marital status, school attendance, employment status, property owning status, and race. In conducting this, I utilized data from the 1930 census data. Photo captured … Continue reading Harrisburg Veterans After Returning From War

History and its connections through the Digital World

Digital technologies are increasingly becoming a part of our world today. These technologies translate into history in so many ways. In my public history class last semester, we talked about the pros and cons of digital technologies such as virtual reality. I had the opportunity during a week celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. to try … Continue reading History and its connections through the Digital World