Encountering History in the Digital Age

By Derek M. Murphy Greetings! Photo by author Prior to the Digital History course with Dr. David Pettegrew, I had little knowledge of the digital humanities, especially pertaining to history. My main exposure to digital history was through another course at Messiah University, Public History. In this class we discussed some of the ways history, … Continue reading Encountering History in the Digital Age

Encountering Digital History

By Keli Ganey Stepping into the Digital Age is no easy task even for those of us born into it like myself. Prior to this course, I liked to think I had a good idea of what all encompassed the world of doing digital history, but after the first few weeks my mind has exploded … Continue reading Encountering Digital History

More than Just a Website: Stumbling Upon Digital History

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com by Alex Shehigian I never considered myself to be technologically inclined growing up. In fact, there was a running joke in high school that I was anti-tech because I never had my school-issued Chromebook on my person and was one of the few students to still take handwritten notes. I … Continue reading More than Just a Website: Stumbling Upon Digital History

Encountering History in the Digital Age 

 by Sam Erikson I have always had an interest in history and for as long as I can remember, I planned to major in History at college to someday become the person working at the museum rather than the curious visitor. Following my first year at Messiah University, I encountered frustration with the course work … Continue reading Encountering History in the Digital Age 

Into the Digital World: A Future Historian’s Step by Step Journey

By Kelan Amme My name is Kelan Amme and I am a junior at Messiah University. I am a History major, with a concentration in Public History, and a minor in Digital Public Humanities. I have always been interested in history ever since I was young as my family and I would take camping trips … Continue reading Into the Digital World: A Future Historian’s Step by Step Journey

Entering the Realm of Digital History

by Rachel Petroziello One of the assignments for my Intro to History class during my very first college semester was to download an application called Zotero onto our laptops. We weren't given very much instruction, only the information that it was bibliographical tool that would record and organize any sources that we wanted to remember … Continue reading Entering the Realm of Digital History

Faithfully Learning Digital History

By Faith Swarner My name is Faith Swarner and I am a senior Public History major at Messiah University. As a senior Public History major I enjoy historical work that creates connections to public applications. My goal for the future is to go into museum work and make history accessible to all and then nurture … Continue reading Faithfully Learning Digital History

Closing Out an Eventful Year

The year has finally come to a close, and I have learned a tremendous amount. When I first began this year, I was but a lowly English major searching for something to diversify my degree a little bit. I stumbled upon Digital Humanities and this led me to several new experiences involving the use of … Continue reading Closing Out an Eventful Year

My Digital Semester

Map of Harrisburg boundaries in the early 1900s showing the State Capitol grounds (green) and the Capitol Park Extension that replaced the Old Eighth Ward (dark orange) When I started taking digital history at the beginning of this semester, none of us could have predicted just how much digital learning would impact our semesters. When … Continue reading My Digital Semester

My Final Digital History Post

As I have been working through this semester, a good portion of my focus has been on the veterans of the Spanish American War. Back in early April, I posted about my idea for a final project where I track some of the veterans who served in the Spanish American War. Bridging to that idea, … Continue reading My Final Digital History Post