Reflections on Digital History and my work with Frederick Douglass

This past semester I have learned an incredible number of applicable skills in the world of digital history. Our class went through learning multiple platforms of website builders, while also learning a lot about different softwares that can be used in many creative ways - especially in the field of history. Some our first little … Continue reading Reflections on Digital History and my work with Frederick Douglass

The end of this chapter

As this semester comes to a close so does this chapter of my Humanities Project. Towards the beginning of this project, I had set my sights on completing a documentary style short film that told the story of the “Gathering at the Crossroads” Commonwealth Monument featured on T. Morris Chester Way. As I continued on … Continue reading The end of this chapter

Lost Treasures in Plain Sight

An exciting part of the Digital History course here at Messiah University is the opportunity to test the skills we learn in class out in the field. Over the semester Dr. Pettegrew took us to both the Pennsylvania State Archives and the Dauphin County Archives. Our mission was to find information that will help build … Continue reading Lost Treasures in Plain Sight

Works in Progress

By: Keli Ganey It's good to be back with exciting updates on my project "The Story Behind the Bronze. " We are now 8 weeks into our humanities projects course and having covered the brainstorm, planning, and coordinating phases it’s time to create. I first traveled to the monument itself to taken in it’s story … Continue reading Works in Progress

The Story Behind the Bronze

By Keli Ganey The Harrisburg monument, “A Gathering at the Crossroads,” commemorates the passing of the 15th and 19th amendments and the multi-cultural community of the Old 8th Ward in Harrisburg. The sculpture represents four orators, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, William Howard Day, Jacob Compton, and Thomas Morris Chester. These four were powerful forces of … Continue reading The Story Behind the Bronze

Encountering Digital History

By Keli Ganey Stepping into the Digital Age is no easy task even for those of us born into it like myself. Prior to this course, I liked to think I had a good idea of what all encompassed the world of doing digital history, but after the first few weeks my mind has exploded … Continue reading Encountering Digital History