Expectations of a New Digital History Student

The 2015-2016 academic year at Messiah College is well under way. As a student in Dr. David Pettegrew’s Digital History course, we have read the first few chapters of History in the Digital Age. This compilation of texts by various authors focuses on the advancement of technology and academic resources and their shaping of the research process for historians. Yet, … Continue reading Expectations of a New Digital History Student

WordPress, Zotero, and Harrisburg – Oh My!

As a junior history and English major at Messiah College I enrolled in Dr. Pettegrew’s “Digital History” course in order to fulfill a requirement for my public history concentration. I officially decided to add this concentration and a public relations minor, after my recent internship experience. This summer, I had the privilege of participating in the Pennsylvania Historical … Continue reading WordPress, Zotero, and Harrisburg – Oh My!

A Mid-Summer Update: Census Data, Church Membership, and Property Values

It's been several months since a general update on our work on the Harrisburg City Beautiful and City Social Projects. The silence of this site is no indicator of the progress we have made in spring and early summer in putting the Harrisburgers of the early 20th century on the map. Here are the major strides we've … Continue reading A Mid-Summer Update: Census Data, Church Membership, and Property Values

Explore Harrisburg in 1900: An Interactive Map of Buildings and Population

The Digital Harrisburg working group is pleased to announce a beta version of an interactive map of Harrisburg in 1900/1901 hosted at ArcGIS Online. This map and the data it contains was developed as a collaboration between faculty and students at Messiah College and Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. The  Historical Society of Dauphin … Continue reading Explore Harrisburg in 1900: An Interactive Map of Buildings and Population

Digital Harrisburg Reboot

After the flurry of activity on this site last winter and spring, it may have come as a surprise that activity at this site would drop so abruptly in May. Behind the scenes, however, the Digital Harrisburg initiative has continued to develop and expand over the last sixth months in new and exciting ways. I’ve … Continue reading Digital Harrisburg Reboot

Harrisburg the Beautiful

It is 10:21 AM, and Messiah College’s first Digital History class is now officially ending. During our final meeting time this morning, students have been busily working in groups on final projects. We’re releasing our content to the world now and concluding this first chapter of directing our energies toward a Digital Harrisburg. Here is … Continue reading Harrisburg the Beautiful

Looking Back

It is hard to believe that the school year is over. Most of us are one step closer to our bachelor’s degrees; some are obtaining them in a week. It was a wonderful experience being a part of Messiah College’s first digital history course. Not only did we make discoveries about the city of Harrisburg … Continue reading Looking Back

Digital History, an experiment.

I never wanted to take this class. I stood outside, as my last class ended at the end of the fall semester, talking to my fellow History majors in regards to this course. I squished and squirmed about the possibility that I could learn anything from taking a course titled "Digital History." "What kind of … Continue reading Digital History, an experiment.