The Commonwealth Monument Project 2019-2020

Let the activities commence! We detailed the basics of The Commonwealth Monument Project (also referred to as the Old Eighth Ward Project) in a post last month, but now we have more information to share! In January, we introduced the Look Up, Look Out campaign. This portion of the project involves "Twelve Stories, Twelve People, … Continue reading The Commonwealth Monument Project 2019-2020

Live and Learn Series Workshop

The Commonwealth Monument Project is kicking off its activities with a free presentation this Saturday, February 16th, 2019 at the McCormick Riverfront Library on Walnut Street in Harrisburg! Attendees will include Dr. Michael Barton of Penn State Harrisburg, the Digital Harrisburg team from Messiah College, and some descendants of the Old 8th Ward! Stop by … Continue reading Live and Learn Series Workshop

Remembering the Old Eighth Ward

The image above shows the picturesque sprawling green of Capitol Park. It is a beautiful extension of the impressive Capitol grounds with a remarkable fountain, tree-lined walking space, and view of the State Street bridge. For sure, many a visitor has marveled over this magnificent edifice; according to Lenwood Sloan, a local facilitator of cultural … Continue reading Remembering the Old Eighth Ward

Digital Harrisburg Spring 2018 Two-Month Review

Hello, Rachel from the Digital Harrisburg team here.   It has been a while since I last made a Digital Harrisburg post, about our bustling activity during the Fall semester, but there has been no lack of projects and events during the interim. First of all, Dr. Pettegrew provides a comprehensive update to start off … Continue reading Digital Harrisburg Spring 2018 Two-Month Review

Reflecting on the History of the Future

Three very informative and busy weeks later, our Digital History class is coming to a close. To wrap up the class, we put together a research project with the goal of "Rethinking City Beautiful." After spending time reading an original source, newspaper articles, and illustrated texts about the City Beautiful Movement, it was time to … Continue reading Reflecting on the History of the Future

Change and Continuity in Harrisburg

As a student of history, I have heard the words "change" and "continuity" on numerous occasions. Whether it is a class on Modern American History, Premodern Civilizations of Asia, Ancient Rome, 16th century Germany, or Medieval Europe, these two terms have an inherent role in the semester-long courses. This understanding has shaped my perception of … Continue reading Change and Continuity in Harrisburg

Expanding the Narrative of a Beautiful City

When our class began to discuss Harrisburg history and digitization, I thought I would be ready for the onset of information. Of course, there is so much more to learn, but I knew thousands of early 20th-century Harrisburg residents by name and worked comprehensively with digitizing historical Harrisburg. That's a good base, right? Similar to … Continue reading Expanding the Narrative of a Beautiful City

The History of the Future

Frequent readers of this blog may recognize me--Rachel Williams--from other posts about various Digital Harrisburg topics, but today I am writing as a student of a Digital History class. For the past two years, I have participated in the Digital Harrisburg project. Through this work-study experience, I have been able to gain a reasonable degree … Continue reading The History of the Future

Digital Harrisburg Fall 2017 Two-Month Review

Hello, Rachel from the Digital Harrisburg team here again!   Two months into Fall Semester, and our project is making progress in numerous different directions. On my side, I began with some data refinement from the 1900 census. Then, I moved onto my main project so far this semester; inputting the enumeration districts for five … Continue reading Digital Harrisburg Fall 2017 Two-Month Review