The Harrisburg City Beautiful Project: A Mid-December Update

It’s been an eventful month for our work on the Digital Harrisburg Initiative. About time to round up some of the latest updates: 1. Presentations Since our last update, faculty and students from Messiah College, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, and Harrisburg Area Community College presented on research related to Harrisburg’s City Beautiful movement. … Continue reading The Harrisburg City Beautiful Project: A Mid-December Update

Connecting the Dots

A small team of faculty and students is putting together a presentation and paper for Saturday’s digital conference at Bucknell University. The presentation is titled “Harrisburg’s City Beautiful Movement: Mapping the Growth and Transformation of the Pennsylvania State Capital” and details the collaboration between GIS and History faculty and students from Harrisburg University and Messiah … Continue reading Connecting the Dots

Digital Harrisburg Reboot

After the flurry of activity on this site last winter and spring, it may have come as a surprise that activity at this site would drop so abruptly in May. Behind the scenes, however, the Digital Harrisburg initiative has continued to develop and expand over the last sixth months in new and exciting ways. I’ve … Continue reading Digital Harrisburg Reboot

Harrisburg the Beautiful

It is 10:21 AM, and Messiah College’s first Digital History class is now officially ending. During our final meeting time this morning, students have been busily working in groups on final projects. We’re releasing our content to the world now and concluding this first chapter of directing our energies toward a Digital Harrisburg. Here is … Continue reading Harrisburg the Beautiful

Reflecting on Digital History

As our City Beautiful project comes to a close, we reflect on the time we have spent on the project and what we have learned throughout the course. There have been ups and downs, but the course overall has been a great learning experience. Allow me to start off by saying this course was not … Continue reading Reflecting on Digital History

Looking Back

It is hard to believe that the school year is over. Most of us are one step closer to our bachelor’s degrees; some are obtaining them in a week. It was a wonderful experience being a part of Messiah College’s first digital history course. Not only did we make discoveries about the city of Harrisburg … Continue reading Looking Back

Digital History Wrap Up

Messiah College offered its first Digital History class in the Spring of 2014. The digital history class was helpful not only with providing us particular computer skills, but it changed the way we as students think about the study of history. In the class, we focused on GIS, collecting data from census records, archiving and much … Continue reading Digital History Wrap Up

Local History Taught Through Digital Harrisburg

Digital History is opening my eyes to the different avenues that students can use to understand history. As an aspiring Social Studies teacher, this course has given me a new way to make history more enjoyable for both middle and high school students. Two weeks ago, some fellow students and I gave presentations about other digital … Continue reading Local History Taught Through Digital Harrisburg

Becoming Trailblazers

Taking the new Digital History course at Messiah College has been an interesting ride. The course had many ups and downs, which can be expected for a brand new course. Both we, the students in the class, and Dr. Pettegrew were trailblazers for a course devoted to learning the new side of history, the digital … Continue reading Becoming Trailblazers