The Untold Epidemic of 1916

Learn about the epidemic of measles and whooping cough that swept over Harrisburg in the year 1916. A graph of the numbers of diseases per ward. Source: Faith Swarner I was presented with a kind of mystery this semester. For our final project, we were to find information from the PA State Archives to produce … Continue reading The Untold Epidemic of 1916

Encountering History in the Digital Age 

 by Sam Erikson I have always had an interest in history and for as long as I can remember, I planned to major in History at college to someday become the person working at the museum rather than the curious visitor. Following my first year at Messiah University, I encountered frustration with the course work … Continue reading Encountering History in the Digital Age 

Entering the Realm of Digital History

by Rachel Petroziello One of the assignments for my Intro to History class during my very first college semester was to download an application called Zotero onto our laptops. We weren't given very much instruction, only the information that it was bibliographical tool that would record and organize any sources that we wanted to remember … Continue reading Entering the Realm of Digital History