A Semester of New Experiences

by Rachel Petroziello Now that my fifth semester at Messiah University is quickly coming to a close, I can definitively conclude that this has truly been the semester of leaving my comfort zone. Of course I've had to broaden my horizons at other points during my education - taking a math general education course as … Continue reading A Semester of New Experiences

Respect for the Dead at Harrisburg’s Lincoln Cemetery

I've always been fascinated by cemeteries. There's just something that is so intriguing about visiting the final resting place of dozens - possibly even hundreds - of people and wondering about what kinds of lives they led. Considering this interest of mine, it's likely unsurprising that I immediately volunteered to work on the Lincoln Cemetery … Continue reading Respect for the Dead at Harrisburg’s Lincoln Cemetery

Entering the Realm of Digital History

by Rachel Petroziello One of the assignments for my Intro to History class during my very first college semester was to download an application called Zotero onto our laptops. We weren't given very much instruction, only the information that it was bibliographical tool that would record and organize any sources that we wanted to remember … Continue reading Entering the Realm of Digital History