New History: Updates on Digital Harrisburg

The team of students and faculty at Messiah College's branch of the Digital Harrisburg Initiative have been hard at work for the past few months on a variety of different projects. Our on-going involvement in the Look Up, Look Out campaign and Commonwealth Monument project allows many different students to lend their voices to important … Continue reading New History: Updates on Digital Harrisburg

Do You Know ME? Help us find descendants of 100 important Harrisburgers

In partnership with the Commonwealth Monument Project, we are launching a campaign via Facebook, Twitter, and this blog to track down direct descendants of 100 influential African-American citizens who called Harrisburg their home in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Our collaborators in the project, history detectives Mr. Calobe Jackson, Lenwood Sloan, and Jeb … Continue reading Do You Know ME? Help us find descendants of 100 important Harrisburgers

The Commonwealth Monument Project 2019-2020

Let the activities commence! We detailed the basics of The Commonwealth Monument Project (also referred to as the Old Eighth Ward Project) in a post last month, but now we have more information to share! In January, we introduced the Look Up, Look Out campaign. This portion of the project involves "Twelve Stories, Twelve People, … Continue reading The Commonwealth Monument Project 2019-2020

Live and Learn Series Workshop

The Commonwealth Monument Project is kicking off its activities with a free presentation this Saturday, February 16th, 2019 at the McCormick Riverfront Library on Walnut Street in Harrisburg! Attendees will include Dr. Michael Barton of Penn State Harrisburg, the Digital Harrisburg team from Messiah College, and some descendants of the Old 8th Ward! Stop by … Continue reading Live and Learn Series Workshop

Digital Harrisburg: The “Pennsylvania History” Perspective

As David Pettegrew noted in his original post at Digital Harrisburg, I am teaching a course in Pennsylvania history this semester at Messiah College.  This course is part of our newly revamped public history concentration, so students are not only learning about the history of the Commonwealth, but they are also getting training in local … Continue reading Digital Harrisburg: The “Pennsylvania History” Perspective